Factual Answers about Special-Effect Contact Lenses

Take a look across the web when you search for costumes and chances are you will find several websites that offer special-effect contact lenses. Advertisers say that this is the perfect way to complete your Halloween costume or make an impression on people when you go out for the night, maybe even get a few laughs with practical jokes.

You can get special-effect lenses that completely black out the iris of your eye, give you vampire looks, or even show up only in UV lighting. While all of these special eye effects may be cool, you likely wonder if these contact lenses are safe. Here are a few of the most frequent questions concerning special-effect contact lenses.

Should you already have a prescription for contact lenses before you order them online?

You are not required to have a contact prescription when you order special-effect lenses online because they are not prescription strength. These are just lenses made in a uniform fashion to fit the curvature of most people's eyes. However, if you have little experience with using contact lenses, using these lenses may not be the best idea.

Every person who obtains contact lenses from an optometrist receives a wealth of information about how to appropriately put them on and wear them, keep them clean, and remove them safely without causing damage to the eyes. It is always best to talk to your eye doctor about your desire for special-effect lenses. In some cases, reputable optometrists offer special-effect lenses to their patients that are completely safe.

Should you use special-effect lenses without a prescription?

Using contact lenses without a prescription can actually be damaging to your eyes. This is especially a concern if you buy the lenses from a questionable company where the quality of the lenses cannot be assured. If you do not wear the correct contact lenses for your eyes, you can cause injuries to the eye, damage to your vision, and even blindness. This is due to the fact that prescribed lenses are specifically designed to mold to the shape of your own eye, which may be completely different from that of someone else.

If you think that special-effect lenses would be something you want to try temporarily, talk to your eye doctor about the safest way for you to do so. It is always best to seek the advice of a professional when it comes to serious health aspects like your vision. Consider speaking with a representative from Langley Optometry Clinic for more advice and information.