When To See An ENT

No matter what is going on with your health, there will be a doctor or specialist that you can see who will help you with a diagnosis and treatments for what ails you. One type of specialist that you may need to see for certain issues is an ENT. An ENT is also known as an ear, nose, and throat specialist. This is who you are going to go to if you have issues that stem from ear, nose, or throat problems, or if you have issues going on with any of these areas. You can learn more about some of the times when a visit to an ENT may be called for.

Ear infections – While you may simply visit your normal physician for an ear infection, there can be other times when ear infections can cause you to be sent to an ENT. For example, if you get a lot of ear infections, then your doctor may refer you to an ENT to check on the condition of your ears, to check them for problems such as excessive scarring or hearing loss due to the excessive number of ear infections. Also, the ENT may decide that it would be in your best interest to put tubes in your ears to put an end to all of those infections by helping your ears to properly drain.

Nose conditions – You may also be referred to an ENT if you have problems with your nose or your sinuses. Things like issues with your smell or your breathing can be a couple examples of ones an ENT may help you with.

Throat problems – Throat conditions are another reason for being sent to see an ENT. There are a lot of things that would be considered to be throat related issues that an ENT may be the right specialist to help you with. Things like voice problems, speech issues, eating and swallowing difficulties, frequent sore throats, and pitch problems can have you being referred to see this type of a specialist for things like diagnosis and treatment.

Injuries can be treated by an ENT

Not only can chronic illnesses and other health issues lead to you going to an ENT, but you can also find yourself needing to see one if you have sustained some type of injury to these areas. If you have a broken nose or other injuries to your face or even your neck or head, then a doctor may want you to go to see an ENT who will help you with the injuries you have sustained.