4 Signs Your Child May Have A Vision Problem

If you didn't know what clear vision looked like, would you know you had a vision problem? Probably not. That's what makes it so difficult to notice when a child has a vision problem. Most children who develop vision problems early in life don't realize they have a problem because they've never seen clearly. This can make it nearly impossible to know when your child is having a hard time seeing the world around them. Luckily, there are some subtle signs you can look for. Here are four hints that your child may have an undiagnosed vision problem:

Keeps Everything Close

Does your child keep everything close to their face? If your child keeps their books or toys close to their face, it could be signaling a vision problem. Early vision problems often make it difficult for children to see things from a distance.

Is Always Squinting

Squinting is another way that children often compensate for vision problems. The field of vision often becomes clearer when they close their eyes a bit. If your child squints on a regular basis, especially when focusing on something, they may be suffering from a vision problem. It's also important to note that blinking can be another indicator of a vision problem, especially if the eyes are straining or drying out due to those problems.

Has Constant Headaches

When children have vision problems, they often strain their eyes to see things more clearly. That strain can lead to headaches and dizziness. If your child suffers from constant headaches, you should have their vision tested. It's important to note that other health-related issues can also cause constant headaches. In addition to having your child's vision tested, you should also schedule an appointment with their primary care provider. They may have an underlying health issue that's causing the headaches.

Is Always Rubbing Their Eyes

When eyes get tired and strained, they can dry out and get itchy. Take a look at your child. Are they constantly rubbing their eyes? If they are, they could be having trouble focusing on things. Keep track of how many times your child rubs their eyes throughout the day. If they rub their eyes for most of the day, you should have their vision tested.

It's hard to tell when your kids have vision problems. The information provided above will help you determine if your child may be suffering from an undiagnosed vision disorder. If your child exhibits any of the signs listed above, be sure to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor, like those at Kennedy Eye Clinic,  as soon as possible.