Reducing Computer Strain On Your Eyes With Specialized Glasses

Blurry vision and sore, dry eyes are often written off as a natural consequence of increasingly digital lifestyles, but are you suffering needlessly? Many workers spend eight or more hours on a computer every day, and the constant strain of adjusting your focus between a bright screen and a keyboard taxes your eyes in ways they were never designed to accommodate. If you have been dealing with tired eyes for so long that you barely notice them anymore, you may be shocked by the improvement that is possible with a pair of specialized computer glasses.  

Adjusting Lenses To Focus on a Screen

An ordinary glasses prescription is designed to sharpen your vision at a variety of distances, ranging from a few inches in front of your face to miles away. Although this is essential for day-to-day functions, it is not optimal for working at a computer, where your range of vision is limited to a few feet at most. Computer glasses correct this by using lenses designed to focus at short and intermediate distances, often using single-vision or progressive lenses to make it easier to focus on a wider area in front of you. These lenses are excellent for short ranges, but they should not be used away from the computer, particularly when driving or operating equipment. 

Applying an Anti-Reflective Coating

When your eyes flick back and forth between your keyboard and your screen, they are working constantly to switch focus and adjust between different light levels. You might not even notice the bright light of your computer screen, but that light bounces back and forth on your lenses, creating reflections that your eyes must then strain to look past and process. It is, in effect, light pollution caused by standard lenses, which is why computer glasses are equipped with an anti-reflective coating. This coating prevents reflections, allowing your eyes to focus on new, incoming light and giving you clearer vision with less distracting glare.

Tinting Lenses to Reduce Glare

Not all computer glasses are tinted, but if you suffer from severe eye fatigue, it may be an option worth considering. Blue light, which your computer emits as part of the visible light spectrum, is unique in its propensity to stress eyes, and exposure to it has been linked to increased macular degeneration and retinal damage. Tinted glasses filter out blue light from your screen and other sources such as overhead lights, improving the contrast on your screen and making text easier to read. If your job or hobbies keep you in front of a screen all day, there is no reason to suffer for years as your eyes slowly deteriorate. Schedule an examination with your optometrist to begin reclaiming your ocular health and comfort. 

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