3 Guidelines For New Contact Wearers

When you want to fix your vision on a daily basis, contact lenses provide an excellent solution that is convenient to just about any lifestyle. If you're new to this form of corrective vision, you will need to visit the optometrist for a prescription, but first, it pays to gain an understanding of some guidelines that will inform you and help you get used to them. With this in mind, read on and take advantage of these points. 

#1: Know When Your Lens Is Inside Out

Putting your contact lens in inside out is one of the easiest mistakes you can make, but unfortunately, it is also incredibly irritating and won't help your vision. If you want to avoid discomfort and prevent ruining your lenses, make sure that you quickly learn the difference between the proper way to wear your lens and an inside out lens. When your lens is in its proper form, it will be rounded out, as if you cut a ball in half. When the lens is mistakenly inside out, it will have more of a dip in the middle of the lens, like a bowl. This difference is incredibly subtle but makes a huge difference, so be mindful and aware of this. 

#2: Swap Out Your Lenses Frequently To Keep Your Eyes Fresh

Today, the technology of corrective contacts is so sophisticated that you are able to wear many of these lenses for extended periods -- sometimes days at a time. However, no matter how long you are capable of wearing the lenses, optometrists suggest giving your eyes a break as much as possible. It's not so much a matter of comfort as it is a health issue, as prolonged contact lens wear can leave you susceptible to infections and other potential health risks. To avoid this, take your lenses out daily and give yourself a few hours without wearing them each day, even if your eyes feel fine. 

#3: Know The Cost Of Your Lenses

Regardless of the type or brand of lenses that you opt for, just know that you are making an investment. Because of this, you will always need to budget accordingly. Typically, you can count on paying between $370 and $460 per year on lenses and solution, not including the cost of a doctor's visit. Weigh these costs and always shop for the best deals and discounts on your contact lenses. 

Keep these three points in mind and reach out to an optometrist in your local area today like Campbell River Optometry Centre Contacts