The Right Glasses For Your Face

If you have found out that you need to wear glasses to correct issues with your vision, then you should do your best to find glasses that fit your face. Wearing the wrong glasses can accentuate features you may want to downplay and downplay features you would like to accentuate. The advice in this article will help you to choose glasses that fit your face and help you look the way you want.

Choose the right color

The right color frame can help to bring out the color of your eyes. The color should also complement your skin tone. If you have blue eyes and fair skin, then very light colored frames, such as yellow, may not do much to help your eyes stand out and can cause you to look paler. However, going with black frames can cause your blue eyes to really stand out and won't affect the look of your skin negatively.

Choose the right frame thickness

If you have delicate features, then you may find that thick frames can look too big for you. In this case, going with very thin frames, or even glasses that don't have traditional frames, would be a good idea. However, if you tend to have strong features, then you would look best wearing a pair of glasses that have good, solid frames to them.

Choose the right shape

Choosing the right shape for your frames can be one of the most difficult parts. It can be hard to try on all the different shapes and decide which type you look best in. Taking pictures of yourself in each style is a good way to determine which ones you really look best in. However, you can also narrow down the search by simply considering the shape of your face.

Generally, you want to stay away from glasses that have the same shape as your face because wearing those glasses will further enhance that feature. For example, wearing round glasses when you have a round face will give you a very round looking face. However, wearing rectangular glasses with a round face can soften your face and make it look less round.

Once you choose the right glasses, you will be able to correct your vision while feeling as if you are wearing prescription glasses that make you look like the best version of yourself. For more help choosing the right glasses, speak with a professional like Dr R Saunders.