Should You Buy Contacts Online?

You've seen plenty of advertisements and even seen commercials bragging about how you can buy contact lenses online. You're tempted, but you're not sure that buying contacts online is the best move for you.

Here are some deciding factors on whether you should buy your contacts online or go to your eye doctor instead.

The brand you wear

Or rather, lack thereof. If you don't have a major brand of contact lenses you like, then you don't know what to buy online. Your eye doctor typically gives you a trial pair for free to test before buying contact lenses. Try a few pairs of different brands of lenses on, then when you decide on a brand of contacts you like, begin to explore your online shopping options.

Whether shipping is free

Buy contact lenses online if your nearest eye doctor is several miles away, thus costing you money in gas and time out of your busy schedule to get contacts every month. It's best to choose an online contact lens supplier who has free shipping, and being able to automatically reorder your contacts every few weeks or months is a plus as well.

How old your prescription is

If you've been wearing the same prescription of contact lenses for a few years now and haven't been to your eye doctor lately, buying contacts online may not be a good idea for you. The reason why is simple: the contacts you buy may not be current with your prescription, and when you do get your prescription renewed, any lenses you've previously purchased will need to be replaced.

Wait until you've been to your eye doctor for a current contact lens prescription to buy your contacts online. Once your optometrist has given you the OK, it's fine to compare different online sites for contacts to see which one has the best prices for their contacts.

How often you wear contacts

Finally, how frequently you wear contact lenses will determine whether it's worth it to buy them online or not. If you wear contacts daily, having a resource online to keep your supply of contacts full is a definite benefit. If you only wear contacts every now and then, buying them at your local eye doctor may be your best route. You can still buy your contacts online, however, and save them until you wish to wear them if you prefer to shop online still.

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