Six Scenarios That Show It's Time To Do Something About Your Eye Health

Taking care of your eye health is important. You need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor when you notice potential signs of eye issues. If you don't address symptoms of eye problems right away, they may get worse.

The following are six scenarios that show it's time to do something about your eye health. 

You're having trouble making out road signs while driving at night.

You should definitely schedule an appointment with your eye doctor if you're noticing that it's difficult for you to see in the dark.

Problems with night vision are a common sign of cataracts. They could also indicate a variety of additional eye problems. You need to discuss your vision issues with your eye doctor if you're having trouble reading road signs while driving at night. 

Your eyes are exhibiting an unusual redness.

While eye redness can occur due to fatigue or other benign issues, it can also be an indication of a serious eye problem. For example, red eyes could be a symptom of conjunctivitis or glaucoma. 

You should schedule an appointment with your eye doctor if you notice that your eyes are unusually red. 

You can't tolerate bright light as well as you used to.

Sensitivity to bring light is one of the most common signs of an eye condition known as keratitis. Light sensitivity is also a common symptom of corneal abrasion and keratoconus. 

You should see your eye doctor about any light sensitivity issues to make sure that you aren't developing an eye condition that requires treatment. 

Your vision has changed after you've been in an accident involving head trauma.

You need to be especially conscious of vision issues if you have recently been in an accident.

Experiencing changes in your vision after an accident involving head trauma could indicate a serious complication. You might be at greater risk of experiencing worsening vision including visual field loss and headaches related to eye discomfort.

Discuss vision changes after an accident with your eye doctor to make sure that you are not in need of treatment to prevent worsening vision problems. 

You've been diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes patients need to be aware of the fact that diabetes puts patients at heightened risk of numerous eye problems. In particular, diabetes patients are at greater risk of glaucoma and cataracts. 

It's therefore important for diabetes patients to be especially conscious about their eye health and to look out for symptoms of diabetes-related eye problems. 

It's difficult for you to focus your vision.

Patients who can't focus their vision like they used to should see their eye doctor. Problems focusing could be indications of underlying eye health problems that need to be addressed.