Getting An Eye Exam? Follow These Helpful Tips

Are you going to the eye doctor for the first time to get an exam? If so, you'll want to do everything you can to ensure that you get an accurate prescription for your glasses. Here are a few tips that will help you with the appointment.

Try To Relax

Your eye exam is not something that you should be stressed about since it's one of the few exams in life that you don't need to study for. You should not assume that you are going to answer a few questions wrong and end up getting an incorrect prescription. Just try to relax and follow the instructions from your optometrist. 

A common area where people tend to be stressed is during the refraction test. This is when the optometrist will show you two different lenses and ask you if the first or second is better. If you can't tell a difference between the two images, simply tell your optometrist that they look identical. This means that they have narrowed in on your prescription and are very close to determining the level of magnification you need.

Another area to relax is during the eye pressure test. This test is done to check for signs of glaucoma, and some patients can throw off the results by being stressed. They may hold their breath during the test and give inaccurate results by accident. If the results seem too high, your optometrist is going to perform the test again until the results are consistent. 

Bring Your Health Insurance Cards

Don't have vision insurance? You may not be completely out of luck, which is why you want to bring your health insurance card with you. It may be surprising to learn that you actually have some vision benefits with your health insurance. Bring all your insurance cards with you, and someone at the optometrist's office will help navigate the best way to pay for your visit. Insurance can be confusing, so leave it to the professionals to determine how to use it. 

Bring Your Medication List

There are medications that you may be taking that impact your eyes. That's why you'll want to have a complete list of medications when you come in for your eye exam. Your optometrist is going to know what medications may be impacting your eyesight and can use that information to determine what is impacting your vision. 

Reach out to your eye doctor for more information.