Treat Your Teen's Lazy Eye To Improve Their Chances Of Success

Lazy eye is a problem that typically develops in younger children. However, it can also become an issue for teenagers and adults and may become serious enough to threaten their vision. Thankfully, it is possible to treat this issue with the help of an eye doctor and to improve your child's chances of success. While there are plenty of successful blind people in the world, retaining your child's vision only increases their chances of succeeding. [Read More]

Drooping Eyelid? Here's Why And How It's Treated

People often talk about the condition of eyelids making people look older, but it's another thing entirely if one of your eyelids droops so far that it interferes with your vision. This can happen as people age, so if it's happened to you, you're not alone. This guide will explain to you how this condition occurs and what you need to do to have it fixed. Acquired Ptosis The condition you have has a name, and its ptosis. [Read More]

Do You Have Cataracts? Why You Should Have Them Surgically Removed

No matter how great your eyesight may have been throughout your life you just never know what the situation is going to look like as you grow older. It's not at all uncommon for people to develop cataracts as they age simply as a result of the passage of time. If this has happened to you and you're worried that the only thing you can do is live out the rest of your days with cataracts; there is hope. [Read More]

Should You Buy Contacts Online?

You've seen plenty of advertisements and even seen commercials bragging about how you can buy contact lenses online. You're tempted, but you're not sure that buying contacts online is the best move for you. Here are some deciding factors on whether you should buy your contacts online or go to your eye doctor instead. The brand you wear Or rather, lack thereof. If you don't have a major brand of contact lenses you like, then you don't know what to buy online. [Read More]