Reducing Computer Strain On Your Eyes With Specialized Glasses

Blurry vision and sore, dry eyes are often written off as a natural consequence of increasingly digital lifestyles, but are you suffering needlessly? Many workers spend eight or more hours on a computer every day, and the constant strain of adjusting your focus between a bright screen and a keyboard taxes your eyes in ways they were never designed to accommodate. If you have been dealing with tired eyes for so long that you barely notice them anymore, you may be shocked by the improvement that is possible with a pair of specialized computer glasses. [Read More]

4 Signs Your Child May Have A Vision Problem

If you didn't know what clear vision looked like, would you know you had a vision problem? Probably not. That's what makes it so difficult to notice when a child has a vision problem. Most children who develop vision problems early in life don't realize they have a problem because they've never seen clearly. This can make it nearly impossible to know when your child is having a hard time seeing the world around them. [Read More]

4 Things You Need To Know About Corneal Mucous Plaques

Your cornea is the lens in the front of your eye. It covers your pupil and your iris, and focuses the light that enters your eye. Sometimes your cornea can become covered with mucous plaques. Mucous plaques are made of mucous, as well as protein and fat cells. Here are four things you need to know about corneal mucous plaques. What are the signs of corneal mucous plaques? If you develop a corneal mucous plaque, you'll notice that your vision is blurred. [Read More]

Factual Answers about Special-Effect Contact Lenses

Take a look across the web when you search for costumes and chances are you will find several websites that offer special-effect contact lenses. Advertisers say that this is the perfect way to complete your Halloween costume or make an impression on people when you go out for the night, maybe even get a few laughs with practical jokes. You can get special-effect lenses that completely black out the iris of your eye, give you vampire looks, or even show up only in UV lighting. [Read More]